Center for International Automobile Management

CIAM Themes - 1

Ideas and Strategie

The Center for International Automobile Management (CIAM) is the expert for independent studies on major mobility trends, management ideas and strategy options in a sustainable world.

Theorie and Practice

We combine theory and practice to develop ideas for proactive strategies, business models and organizational enablers in the exciting cross-industry mobility world.


As market-oriented innovations are linked to creative internal skills and learning capacities, our teaching aims at enabling interdisciplinary-oriented and open-minded talents with passion for mobility and automotive management.


CIAM is collaborating in an excellent network of automotive experts along the automotive value chain at RWTH Aachen University.

"While creating insights into major industry impacts of revolutionary trends like digitalization and e-mobility, we also analyze the development of mobility markets, new business opportunities and strategies for future mobility. Based on these topics, ideas for strategic moves and organizational innovations are created."